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Technology & Digital

Digital is the future of pharmacy.

Determining your digital and transformative needs is a difficult task. Let us help turn your vision into a reality.

Why we are different

Barus Consulting develops software solutions for the pharmacy marketplace and assists with defining your vision, integrating key growth assets, and defining your position in the market to be successful.

Web Development

From simple to complex, we can help develop your website or web application to meet your pharmacies needs.

App Development

Web apps are a driving factor for consumer knowledge and participation in healthcare. Let us help define your app and build the vision.

Digital Strategy

Deciding to go digital is important, but what areas matter the most and what focus should you put on various parts of your digital transformation? Let us help define your road map.


Need help developing an e-commerce solution for your pharmacy, we can help.


How do your customers know you provide a service or product if you don’t tell them? Let us help you get the word out and drive more sales.