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Retail Pharmacy

Become a destination for healthcare and optimize your operating model.

Retail Pharmacy is competitive and complex. We believe in keeping the central focus on the consumer, providing deep analytical insights to understand your market, customer, and the needs of your community.

Why we are different

Barus Consulting has first hand experience with in retail pharmacy. Whether it be independent, chain, mass merchant or grocery, we work with you to build stronger insights that contain value in improving your operating model, marketing efforts, product purchasing, Rx dispensing, and other services.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Profiles & Segmentation, Customer Churn, Cross Sell & Upsell, Market Basket Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and much more


Drug Reimbursement Reviews, Financial Trends, Gains/Losses, Recovery, DIR Fees and more…


Product Sales Trends, Profitability, Pricing Strategies, Product Strategy



Service Profitability, Customer Service Cohesion, Service Strategy


Time Management, Employee Retention Review, Productivity, Absenteeism, Presenteeism


Adherence Opportunities, DIR Fees Review, Strategy

Drug Utilization

Inappropriate Drug Utilization, MedSync Opportunities, MedRec Opportunities and much more..

Clinical Services

Looking to implement a new service? We will build the models needed to ensure you get the whole picture before implementing


We build forecasting models to assist you in understand your previous trends and what to expect in the future


Impact Models

We build models that will help you understand what the impact to our business will be if you implement a change


Each pharmacy has unique needs and we can adapt our analysis to you