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Consumer Products

Develop and launch products into the pharmacy market with us.

Launching a product or service into the pharmacy market has it’s challenges.  To be successful, we believe you need to fully understand the pressures the pharmacies and consumer’s face on a daily basis, understand the metrics driving retail pharmacy and consumer behavior, and align with emerging trends.

Why we are different

Barus Consulting has worked with both product and service companies to develop the strategy, sales & marketing, and help launch into the market successfully. Because we have a deep understanding of the market, it makes it easier for clients to come to a single source for expert information.

Product Strategy

With a deep understanding of the OTC market and the next-generation of healthcare, we can help develop the strategy to successfully launch or grow your product share.

Economic Analysis

Our ML and analytical expertise can help deliver the insights you need to properly develop or price your products.

Sales & Marketing

We help companies develop the sales and marketing strategies to successfully integrate into the pharmacy marketplace.