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Niche Markets

Pharmacy companies today face an intimidating challenge: What niche products or services will drive the most value despite limited resources?  Oftentimes, this uncertainty or the vast number of options causes the inability to move forward.  Our group has expertise to evaluate these potential offerings and assist you in deciding the optimal path forward.

We think niche pharmacy services tailored to segments of customers will drive exponential growth in the upcoming years.  By creating a unique pharmacy experience.

Why we are different

Barus Consulting helps healthcare products, pharmacies, and other interested groups work on evaluating, developing, implementing and measuring niche product or services.  Our broad industry experience supports our practical advice for sustainable results.

We tailor our capabilities to the needs of each client to help them solve problems or pursue opportunities.


Our job is to stay ahead of industry trends, evaluate opportunities, and help our clients succeed in building the programs or services that align.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

We have helped companies build and drive weight loss program adoption among pharmacies. Let us help you deliver your vision.



CBD products are growing and we can help source your materials and deliver a unique product to the market.

Medical Cannabis

As this emerging field continues to grow, we have deep knowledge and connections in the industry throughout Canada and the US to help from start to delivery.