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Pharmacy markets differ between the United States and Canada. We can help your business identify these differences and develop the proper strategy and implementation to deliver results.

With differing payment systems, each pharmacy market has adapted to capitalize on opportunities which enable profitable patient care. In various services, pharmacies differ in their approach and lessons can be learned to implement best practices that will drive growth in each respective service offering.

Why we are different

Barus Consulting has experience in both the Canadian and US pharmacy markets. This translates into insights for opportunities and lessons learned from both markets that enable us to tailor our capabilities to your needs.

Product Development

Tryng to develop a product for Canada, US, or other country we serve? Let us bring the insights and support team you need to accomplish your goals.

International Connection

Our team is well connected to help deliver a streamlined sales strategy for various countries. Let us help connect you with the teams who will support your growth.

Launch Internationally

We understand the nuances between pharmacy markets and can help you launch your service or product internationally.