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Healthcare Payers

Developing better programs and better outcomes.

Payers are the key to a beneficiary’s health and we believe that keeping the beneficiary central and aligning support services will drive continued satisfaction and lower overall payer costs.

Why we are different

Barus Consulting has first hand experience with various healthcare payers, such as self-insured employers & Medicare Part D plans, and has the domain knowledge across the Medical Benefit, Specialty, P&T Committee, Fraud-Waste-and Abuse, Contracting, MTM and more.


Formulary Development

A formulary is typically a strategic tool used to align incentives for clients and the members. Let us help build and model your formulary to achieve the best results possible.

Formulary Audit

If you have a formulary, we are experts in drug, claims, and member data and can use our analytical and clinical capabilities to find areas of opportunity.

Program Strategy

As the landscape of healthcare changes, we are at the forefront of value-change and can help provide insights to growth areas and help implement your programs.

Population Economics

Let us help you understand your members and run analysis to achieve your goals.


We can help you improve adherence metrics through the right analytics and targeted recommendations.


Process Improvement

With our advanced capabilities, we know where to look to determine areas of improvement or opportunity and provide sound recommendations.