Healthcare Services

Healthcare services are expanding in the pharmacy market. By offering differentiating and customer-centric services in a community, pharmacies can acquire new patients and impact the overall health of the customers they serve.  What services you offer, how you deliver them, and what payment model you choose will all help determine your success. We can help guide you through the innovative process and strategically align your offerings to better serve your community and help improve your financial health.


Our Viewpoint:

We believe healthcare services, done properly and strategically, will be the driving force of growth in the next few years.

Why We Are Different:

Barus Consulting has helped launch successful pharmacy services for clients in an increasingly complex ecosystem. We can help you decide which services to offer, develop services framework, help implement those services and everything in-between. We have innovative solutions from being involved in both the Canadian and US market that may fit your objectives.

How We Help:

Here are our capabilities for healthcare services:


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February 20, 2020

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