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In today's world, being "digital" can mean many things. A standalone digital project is almost unheard of. Digital powers virtually every move companies make. Analytics inform decisions. Emerging technologies are creating advantages for companies in every market, pharmacy is not immune. Our company is focused on evaluating your digital needs and strategic advantages to create a road map for a better customer experience.

Why We Are Different

Barus Consulting has extensive knowledge of digital technologies and the ability to integrate clinical expertise into a technical application; while aligning business objectives. Digital will drive the future of healthcare and capitalize on consumerism in healthcare; pharmacy should be a leader in this space.

How We Help

  • Guiding technical knowledge in various code for front-end and back-end (Javascript, Python, PHP, Django, VueJS, MySQL, SQL Server, SAS, Tableau, SSBIDS, MS Azure, Wordpress )
  • Web-Application development for clinically guided applications
  • Developing an integrated suite of services
  • Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Analysis, Machine Learning
  • Customer CRMs
  • Much more...

Broad marketplace expertise allows us to unite competing forces and provide more complete and integrated solution


Pharmacy Benefit Managers

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Health & Pharmacy Insurance

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Medicare Part D & Medicaid

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Retail Pharmacy

Independent, Chain, Grocer, Mass

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Consumer Products

OTCs and Medical Devices

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Niche Services

Nutrition, Cannabis, Other

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Pharmacy Digital & In-Store

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US, Canada, Europe, and more

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