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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Pharmacy Analytics is at the heart of our expertise. For any pharmacy domain, understanding data and extracting key insights, whether it be for customer experience or operations, is a driver to strategic advantage. We are experts in pharmacy data analysis, identifying needles in the haystack or overarching trends.

Why We Are Different

Barus Consulting has years of analyzing pharmacy specific data, whether it be public domain such as CMS or other data providers, or internal data assets such as PBM or Retail claims, eligibility, operational, financial, or other data. We are the experts in pharmacy data.

How We Help

  • Develop advanced analytic strategies that turn data into a competitive advantage
  • Deploy advanced analytics for decision support across your company
  • Build and embed analytic capabilities for various departments in your company
  • Analyze your existing data assets to provide custom analytic outputs for use in decision making
  • From excel spreadsheets to advanced analytic frameworks, we are able to assist in various capacities

Broad marketplace expertise allows us to unite competing forces and provide more complete and integrated solution


Pharmacy Benefit Managers

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Health & Pharmacy Insurance

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Medicare Part D & Medicaid

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Retail Pharmacy

Independent, Chain, Grocer, Mass

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Consumer Products

OTCs and Medical Devices

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Niche Services

Nutrition, Cannabis, Other

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Pharmacy Digital & In-Store

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US, Canada, Europe, and more

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