Our capabilities align with various pharmacy challenges and opportunities and often work together to achieve success

We know Pharmacy and acknowledge that various complex supports are needed to get and stay ahead in this competitive industry. Our capabilities address key areas of importance and growth giving our clients the edge.

Capabilities at Barus Consulting

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Reinvent your core, transform, and choreograph your growth platforms

Advanced Analytics

Extract maximum value from data and tackle the challenges you face with data-driven insights


Evaluate the cost of pharmacy programs and their impact on the economy

Digital Development

Advance or create your digital capabilities and improve engagement and outcomes

Machine Learning

Have computer programs access and learn your data to solve complex problems

Market Research

Get insights on emerging markets or products to help deliver a truly unique value

Business Development

Grow your products or services in pharmacy markets with our help

Sales & Marketing

Reach new customers in pharmacy markets and achieve growth

B2B Capability Expansion

Offer your existing clients a more broad set of capabilities with us

Business Intelligence

View your pharmacy data in new ways and gain new insights an monitor performance

Data Warehousing

Organize and structure pharmacy and other data to create united data integration

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